Ruchi Update January 2015


Dear Friends,


Thank you for the overwhelming affection you have shown us on our closing day.  Now I am spending more time with my kids, Paras and Dhruva. You have been like family to them and they miss you.

I want to let you know that Ruchi was not sold.  I intend to reopen Ruchi in the future.

In spite of my repeated verbal objections, the new occupants of the space at 474 Third St. are using Ruchi's name and logo, and essentially, our reputation.  Despite the fact they have added an " 's " to the end of Ruchi, making it "Ruchi's", the implication being it is the same business.The past five years of tireless dedication to quality and the community's response has made Ruchi what it is. The continued use of Ruchi's name, trademark and logo without my express permission is unethical.

I request the friends and supporters of Ruchi to persuade the new owners, Mr. Boj Karki and Mr. Charandeep Singh Uppal, to do the honorable thing and cease using the name Ruchi and our logos.


Love & Regards




Dear Friends,


With a heavy heart, we closed Ruchi in December 2014.



We would like to take this moment to acknowledge all the good wishes, support and encouragement you have so kindly extended to me, my co-workers and family over these 5 wonderful yea­rs.


For those of you I couldn't visit with personally, please accept my kind regards and gratitude.



Signing out.


With Love and Regards